Game night

Published April 11, 2008 by Stacy

Today is Friday. Whoo hooo!!! It is also game night at our church. Usually the second Friday night of the month we gather for an evening of snacks and fellowship as we play games, usually Phase 10, Dominoes or if the pastor is there Mississippi Marbles. What is Mississippi Marbles you ask? Ok maybe you didn’t ask that but I had never heard of the game until we moved here. It is a dice game. You have six dice and you are trying to get to 11,000 points. There are more rules that are too complicated for me to try to type out but it is fun to play. And our pastor has a lot of fun trying to get you to risk the points you have by continuing to roll the dice. So we have game night tonight. I think I am going to make some brownies and a layered bean dip to share. So if you go to my church and read this blog you should come to game night tonight, you don’t know what you have been missing.

On another note you can read all the info on Steve’s blog but last night one of our visitation teams led an 84 year old man to Christ. This is awesome. God never gives up on His children. One of the message boards I am a member of we have been discussing ministry to the elderly. There is a man that is being looked down upon, whose call to preach is being questioned by other pastors around him because as they see it the ministry opportunities he has opened up to him at a nursing home as the only congregation he can get, and in their eyes it is pathetic. Well the way I see it you are lost if you don’t have Jesus in your heart whether you are 8 or 88. No chance to present the gospel should ever be turned down. The gospel is not an easy thing. Christ’s sacrifice was not easy so why do we think we should have it easy when we are told to go and tell. I am so grateful that I already know for sure that I will be in heaven with my Savior. Jesus ministered to the weak, the sick, the poor, the unclean. When did we become so arrogant in our ways that we say so often, “no I can’t do that. I can’t minister to those people. I might get dirty.” Jesus called us to go and tell, not worry about being comfortable and cozy in our happy little comfort zones. Realize I am speaking to myself. I have to start with my own life before I can point one finger at another person.

Just something to think about. Is God telling you to do something that you think is out of your comfort zone? Are you willing to be obedient and be blessed beyond measure?


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