Reconnecting and reflecting

Published April 10, 2008 by Stacy

I love the way you can reconnect with friends from long ago through the internet. Facebook has allowed me to reconnect with a couple of friends from high school. And just yesterday I saw on another friend’s page that the guy that invited me to church in Orlando was now on Facebook. It was his invitation to church that eventually led to me meeting Steve. So see reconnecting usually has good memories.

On the flip side of that, for one of my classes that I am taking I had to write my autobiography last week. Now it was written from a professional standpoint and who or what life experiences have influenced me to choose teaching as a profession. But writing that paper was hard at times as it did bring back some not so nice memories of the childhood that I had. But here is the thing, even though I would not wish for anyone to go through the things that I went through, I am thankful for them. Those experiences, even the bad ones, made me who I am today. And as I wrote that paper last week and took the time to reflect back on my life I can see clearly how God was working in my life through even some of the worst of times. I had now clue as a 15 year old that I would one day be married to a minister. But moving 4 times in three years prepared me for when Steve did go into full-time ministry as we are now living in our 3rd state in five years. Every now and then a little bit of reflection is good for you. It makes you appreciate where you have come from and look forward to where you are headed.

Ok so now I have a confession, I have a new obsession. We bought a game called My Sims for the Wii a couple of weeks ago as an Easter gift from Grandma U and Grandpa J. It is like the Sims games that have been around for years for the PC but this one is geared for kids. So it is easy for me to play. So now I have all kinds of interesting people living in my town, Smileyville. You get to build stuff and when some one moves into the town you build them their house for them. I know I am having a little too much fun playing a kids game but some of the games for people my age too hard for me to play. Bean can beat me at Guitar Hero. That reminds me, I was perusing a friends blog today and he had a video of his little boy playing Guitar Hero BEHIND his BACK. I stand in awe of his ability. I’m still looking forward to having Sunny and David over again. They have Guitar Hero now and so we can play head to head. I have wanted to see how that works since we got our game for Christmas.

Must run for now. Have a blessed evening.


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