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It is nice to be noticed

Published July 24, 2010 by Stacy

Today was payday and that always makes Friday that much better! Anyway today was also annual review day at work. I am an admin specialist for an insurance company. I have worked for the company a year and a half now. I started out as a CSR on the phones. About 7 months ago I moved into my current position. I really enjoy my job because I get to help people get their jobs done. I also have been able to learn more about a different part of the company. So today I got to sit down with my supervisor and get feedback about my performance. Those types of meetings always put butterflys in my stomach. But I was very happy when I walked out of my supervisor’s office. I got a raise. Not a go out and be wild kind of raise but an increase is still an increase. The best part was finally have in print that I am good at my job and how I do my work is appreciated by those around me. I got probably one of the best reviews I have ever gotten. And you know what? It was nice. =)

I also received an email about a job that I would love to have and that would pay a lot more than I am making now, even with the raise. The catch? You have to have a Bachelor’s degree. And I have not yet completed my degree. So I think getting that email was the kick in the pants that I needed to finally sit down and figure out my options. Do I continue in the program at Liberty U or do I transfer to a local school? Do I stay with psychology or do I change my major to something like organizational managment? These are questions I have been asking myself for months and still can’t answer. I think part of me is a little scared to choose a path and stick with it. But if there is one thing that I have learned about myself in this past year it is that I can accomplish way more than I have ever given myself credit for.



Published July 22, 2010 by Stacy

i want to write but i’m not really sure what to say so it will just be random. monday craig got bitten by a spider (we think). took him to centracare and he is on antibiotics for the infection. at least he is being a good sport about taking the medicine. going to centracare was not how i planned to spend my monday evening but such is life with kids.

last night i got to watch brooklyn’s finest. i thought over all it was a pretty good movie. every other word was f*** this and f*** that but i think it was probably pretty close to real life in brooklyn.

backing up to this past sunday, my aunt mel and grandma were in town. so i got to see them over at my great aunt june’s house. i also got to see some of my cousins that i haven’t seen since probably 2002 before we moved to NC. it was a nice afternoon reconnecting with my mom’s side of the family. i wish i was closer to them and saw them more. i am hoping i can swing going to NC for thanksgiving this year. my aunt mel told me my mom is doing ok. she has breast cancer and is in jail(very long story). she went through some serious chemo. she lost all of her hair. aunt mel said that her last letter said that her hair was growing back in and is short and fuzzy now. i am glad that it looks like she has made it through.

my dad and brother have been working on putting an above ground pool in. i think we may be close to being able to swim in it. the kids will have lots of fun once it is ready. craig has finally learned how to ride his bike, granted it has training wheels on it but at Christmas he was afraid to even try and now he can ride down to the end of the driveway and turn around and come back all on his own.

the girls are getting ready to leave for youth camp. they will be gone all next week. i know that they are going to have a blast and that they are going to be with people that i trust but it is still a little hard to let them go. i guess that is part of why God gives us babies and not teenagers. it takes time to get used to cutting the apron strings and let your children go into the world. they are looking forward to all of the activities, horseback riding, whitewater rafting, goliath swing, zip line and many other things. they have to at the church at 4 am on monday to get on the bus. that is going to be hard to get them up!! i have decided that i am going into work at noon that day so that i can maybe take a nap before heading to work.

i think i have come to realize exactly how husbands feel when they come home from work and are bombarded by the things that have happened at home that day. i feel overwhelmed sometimes when i get home from work. it seems like everyone jumps right on me and i can hardly even think. i know that i am extremely blessed to be living with my dad and stepmom and i appreciate more than words can ever express how much they have helped me and the kids over this past 11 months. i don’t know if i would have been able to hold everything together if it had not been for them.

today on facebook i learned that a friend is one the way to china to adopt a baby girl. our youth pastor and his wife are in the process of adopting a child from ethiopia and are sharing their journey through a blog. i really love this aspect of technology, the part where even though i live 10 hours away from my friend going to china, i can share in the experience with them. the part i don’t like is all of the garbage out there. the garbage and instant access to it all contributed to what my life is now, that of a single mom with three kids.

i went back to school several years ago to finish my degree but i have taken the past year off because of everything that has been going on. but i think it is time to go back to school and finally finish the degree so that maybe i can move into a better paying job. the issue though is what degree should i get. i am pretty close to completing a psych degree and i really like where i work and that degree is in the field i am already working in. so it would probably be a good idea to get the psych degree. but i have also been considering a degree in organizational management. that would be useful in other fields. so decisions, decisions.

well i think i have probably rambled on enough seeing as how my word count is almost 900. i just looked at the i had typed in for this post, randomness, and I guess i have used that before because the web address for this post is randomness-3. oh well. it is what it is as my brother loves to say.


Published February 9, 2009 by Stacy

Well it is hard to be without work. Being positive I am so very glad that we had already filed our taxes and gotten our refund. So we are caught up on all of our bills. For now. Prayerfully I will find a job soon and we won’t get behind again.


We did not miss church two Sundays in a row. No that would be bad. We did not stay home this past Sunday because we had a lot of stuff to get done around the apartment before hubby’s parents stopped by. Nope, I would never leave things until the last minute.

I was not relieved when it seemed like I was going to keep my job for a little while longer. I did not try to ignore the message that popped up on my screen asking me to come to the office. I did not consider for one minute just walking out of the building and never looking back. No, that would be completely unprofessional.

I was also not relieved to have it over with because it took away the not knowing everyday.

I did not get really upset when my paycheck did not go into our checking account on Friday. It would be silly to be so upset about something like that. I was very polite when I called to inquire about my check.

I did not get ready to go to the store on Saturday only to remember that hubby had the van and his car was in the shop. Who would forget that they didn’t have a vehicle for the day. That is silly.

Last night as I worked on my school work I did not think that I liked it better before other people moved into our building. It was much quieter. I also did not think that, “we were here first, we have dibs on the good parking spaces”. I did not think that because really who thinks that way?

I did not think today as I was driving home from the grocery store that teenagers drive like maniacs. Nor did I wish there was a cop up ahead to pull over the crazy person driving the convertible that was going way too fast and weaving in and out of traffic.

I did not get a 63 on my mid-term for one of my classes. No I study and get good grades in all of my classes. I did not think more than once while taking said test, “what a waste this class is. Who cares how many spaces to indent a paragraph or how to properly format a paper in the APA format.” That is why I have a program that does it all for me.

I do not have “Senioritis” as I am so close to being done with school. I am ready for school to be done. So I would not once consider blowing off an assignment. No that would be irresponsible.

Head on over to MckMamma and she what she did not do this past week.

10 years ago

Published January 2, 2009 by Stacy

We welcomed our second child into our family. What a blessing she has been to us over the past 10 years. She is smart, funny and stubborn (I can’t imagine who she gets that from, no not me…lol). She is one of the most artistic people that I know. I know that the Lord has great things planned for her.

Bug, I just wanted to wish you a very Happy 10th Birthday!! I am sad that we could not be together on your birthday but I know that we will have a blast at your party next weekend. You are a very special little girl and I am so glad that I get to be a part of your life and watch you grow up into a beautiful young woman.

Ok on a not so sappy note, I am so glad that it is Friday!! The month of December seemed to drag by as far a work was concerned with all of the “voluntary” time off. I am ready to work a full 40 hours week and have the money in my bank account to prove it. The calls at work have been interesting and never dull so that does help the day go by faster. On a good note I did not get yelled at today. That is always a good thing.

Well tonight is my last night of eating dinner alone. My kids come home from my in-laws house tomorrow. The place has been so quiet without them home. I get two days to enjoy thme, then back to school and the crazy busyness of life.

Way to go

Published September 5, 2008 by Stacy

Last week my girls brought home a sheet announcing choir auditions at school today. Right off the bat my oldest said that she did not want to audition but my middle one was chomping at the bit to audition. Then on Tuesday when I picked the kids up from school my oldest said, “I want to audition for the choir.” I asked her what brought the change of heart. She said, “I had music class today and Mr. R is awesome!!”

So they both stayed after school today for the audition. I arrived to pick them up and was informed by both of them that they had made it into the choir. I am so excited to see my girls excited about singing. Music is a big part of our lives.

Both girls are also very talented artists for their ages. And they both informed me that they had a permission slip for me to sign to be in the Art Club at school. There are only 20 slots for the Art Club. Each child has to draw a self portrait to turn into the art teacher. I guess the 20 will be chosen based on how well they do on the self portraits. I know that I am biased but I think both of the girls drawings are really good. So I guess we will know next week if the girls will be staying after school on Tuesday for Art Club. The choir practices on Thursday so they could be staying after school two days a week.

I am excited that my kids are back in a school where they are taught art and music on a regular basis. At their last school there was no paid music teacher in the whole county. The county did have an art teacher but she traveled to all the elementary schools and so they only had art for 6 weeks in the fall and 6 weeks in the spring. There are some benefits to living in a larger city. It is good to be home.


Published September 1, 2008 by Stacy

Well I haven’t posted since the first day of school. A lot has happened since then.

  • The kids started school only to have the 2nd day canceled due to Tropical Storm Fay.
  • They went to school Weds and Thurs but late Thurs night we got a call from the county saying school was canceled for Friday.
  • So Friday we took the kids bowling at Firkin & Kegler. They were running a special on bowling so we bowled two games. We all had a lot of fun.
  • We went to Sonny’s for dinner…always a favorite place for my gang.
  • Saturday hubby took the kids to the Science Center to get them out of my hair so I could study.
  • Sunday we had a great morning of worship at our new church.
  • This past week the kids went the whole week since there were no more storms.
  • Thursday hubby and I drove all the way to I Drive for a job fair put on by Monster.
  • What a waste of time and gas that was. There were only like 6 companies there and all the jobs were in sales.
  • I also tried to get an application to work at the schools in the cafeteria.
  • This was the second time I have been to the place that it says to go and the door to the place was locked.
  • I was just a little frustrated.
  • Friday I got a little pampering from my Mary Kay friend. That was nice.
  • Yesterday we spent the day with hubby’s parents.
  • My father-in-law grilled hamburgers and hotdogs.
  • It was a nice day of just hanging out.
  • Today the kids and i did not go to church as both girls are feeling a little under the weather.
  • My grandparents came over for Sunday Dinner today.
  • Hubby ended up grilling the chicken because the goats got out of the back fence. See this post.
  • Dinner was a nice time of 4 generations enjoying a meal together.
  • We just finished watching The Bank Job. Was pretty interesting. We didn’t know it was based on a true story until at the end they put up on the screen what had happened to all the people.
  • My brother is now an official substitute teacher for the county we live in.
  • He has his first day of subbing on Weds…in a Kindergarten class (I am praying for him now…LOL)

So I think I have hit all the high points. Tomorrow we are not doing much of anything. I think we are going to be treated to buttermilk pancakes for breakfast…yummy!! My middle daughter has to bake some cookies tomorrow. It is the first goal she set for herself at school. So I have to take pictures of her making the cookies to send in to school as proof that she met her goal. The 4th graders are building a portfolio this year and her teacher is teaching them how to set goals for themselves.

Then back to school for the kids on Tuesday and back to job hunting for the hubby and I.

First Day of School

Published August 19, 2008 by Stacy

Yesterday was the first day of school for the kids. I went to their door to wake them up and as I was putting my hand on the doorknob, my oldest opens the door. She was completely dressed, all the way down to her socks and shoes, all she needed to do was brush her hair. So anyway I got them all ready and took a few pictures before headed up to the school. Drop-off yesterday morning was a little chaotic to say the least. It took no less than 20 minutes just to get into the school parking lot. By the time we even got remotely close to the building, it was already 8:50 (school is supposed to start at 8:45). So I told my sweet kids that I would not be able to walk them in. There was nowhere to park. So they very bravely walked into their new school.

Things were put into perspective for them a little while we were waiting in traffic. We were listening to the local Christian radio station and they were taking phone calls. A lady called in asking the DJ’s to pray for her little niece as she had just moved to FL from Jamaica and was starting a new school in a new country. My oldest said, “wow, whole new country! That must be hard for her.” I told them all see I know you think it is hard because we have moved again but at least you have only moved from one state to another and you are not having to learn a new language or anything like that. How’s that for some perspective?

Ok now some pictures: