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Published July 22, 2010 by Stacy

i want to write but i’m not really sure what to say so it will just be random. monday craig got bitten by a spider (we think). took him to centracare and he is on antibiotics for the infection. at least he is being a good sport about taking the medicine. going to centracare was not how i planned to spend my monday evening but such is life with kids.

last night i got to watch brooklyn’s finest. i thought over all it was a pretty good movie. every other word was f*** this and f*** that but i think it was probably pretty close to real life in brooklyn.

backing up to this past sunday, my aunt mel and grandma were in town. so i got to see them over at my great aunt june’s house. i also got to see some of my cousins that i haven’t seen since probably 2002 before we moved to NC. it was a nice afternoon reconnecting with my mom’s side of the family. i wish i was closer to them and saw them more. i am hoping i can swing going to NC for thanksgiving this year. my aunt mel told me my mom is doing ok. she has breast cancer and is in jail(very long story). she went through some serious chemo. she lost all of her hair. aunt mel said that her last letter said that her hair was growing back in and is short and fuzzy now. i am glad that it looks like she has made it through.

my dad and brother have been working on putting an above ground pool in. i think we may be close to being able to swim in it. the kids will have lots of fun once it is ready. craig has finally learned how to ride his bike, granted it has training wheels on it but at Christmas he was afraid to even try and now he can ride down to the end of the driveway and turn around and come back all on his own.

the girls are getting ready to leave for youth camp. they will be gone all next week. i know that they are going to have a blast and that they are going to be with people that i trust but it is still a little hard to let them go. i guess that is part of why God gives us babies and not teenagers. it takes time to get used to cutting the apron strings and let your children go into the world. they are looking forward to all of the activities, horseback riding, whitewater rafting, goliath swing, zip line and many other things. they have to at the church at 4 am on monday to get on the bus. that is going to be hard to get them up!! i have decided that i am going into work at noon that day so that i can maybe take a nap before heading to work.

i think i have come to realize exactly how husbands feel when they come home from work and are bombarded by the things that have happened at home that day. i feel overwhelmed sometimes when i get home from work. it seems like everyone jumps right on me and i can hardly even think. i know that i am extremely blessed to be living with my dad and stepmom and i appreciate more than words can ever express how much they have helped me and the kids over this past 11 months. i don’t know if i would have been able to hold everything together if it had not been for them.

today on facebook i learned that a friend is one the way to china to adopt a baby girl. our youth pastor and his wife are in the process of adopting a child from ethiopia and are sharing their journey through a blog. i really love this aspect of technology, the part where even though i live 10 hours away from my friend going to china, i can share in the experience with them. the part i don’t like is all of the garbage out there. the garbage and instant access to it all contributed to what my life is now, that of a single mom with three kids.

i went back to school several years ago to finish my degree but i have taken the past year off because of everything that has been going on. but i think it is time to go back to school and finally finish the degree so that maybe i can move into a better paying job. the issue though is what degree should i get. i am pretty close to completing a psych degree and i really like where i work and that degree is in the field i am already working in. so it would probably be a good idea to get the psych degree. but i have also been considering a degree in organizational management. that would be useful in other fields. so decisions, decisions.

well i think i have probably rambled on enough seeing as how my word count is almost 900. i just looked at the i had typed in for this post, randomness, and I guess i have used that before because the web address for this post is randomness-3. oh well. it is what it is as my brother loves to say.