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Prayers for Sadie

Published December 11, 2012 by Stacy

If anyone is reading this please pray for little Sadie Davis. She is the sweet, 16 month old little girl of an old friend. She was diagnosed with Acute Meyloid (not sure if that is correct) Leukemia. She has been inpatient at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital for the past several weeks. She was started in chemo almost immediately. And for the most seemed to be handling everything pretty well until today.

I don’t have any details other than she was taken into emergency surgery this evening.

Please pray for Sadie, mom-Amber, dad-Tim, big brother-Eli and the rest of her family. Also pray for the medical team that is treating Sadie.

Lord, wrap your arms around this precious little one. Keep her safe. Comfort her family. Guide the doctors as they treat her. In your name I pray.