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Published November 17, 2012 by Stacy

I have had an “ah ha” moment. I haven’t been regularly attending church for quite a while now. If asked I couldn’t really give you a specific reason why I haven’t been going. I just haven’t gone. But my “ah ha” came at 1st Wednesday service a couple of weeks ago. I haven’t been going because I don’t know who I am, where I fit within the body of Christ.

See at 18 years old I started dating my now ex-husband. He was very well known in the church we attended so I instantly became known as “Steve’s girlfriend.” Then when he went into full time ministry I was known as the music guy’s wife. For most of my adult life I have never been just me.

Yes it has been 3 years since we separated but I think I have been so involved in making sure that my kids are ok that I have not taken the time to figure out who I am, where I belong.

I love my church and the people that are part of my church family. Now it is time for me to find my place to be me.



Published December 9, 2008 by Stacy

I read quite a few blogs as you can see from my blogroll over there. Some are funny and some a serious or challenging to me. I have all of the blogs that I read in Google reader. I believe I have blogged about how much I love Google and the many things that they have to make my life on the ‘net easier.

Anyway I have read two blogs toady that just, well, really strike a chord deep inside of me. One thing that I love about our new church is that people are real. The people at our church love you where you are, accept you even when you screw up and are there for you when you need someone.

Pete Wilson talked about forgiveness today. When I first started reading the post, I thought to myself, “What does OJ have to do with anything?” But I kept reading and was hit with a 2 X 4, I realized there are some people that I need to forgive in order for me to move on with my life and serve the Lord with all that I have. Forgiveness does not come easy when you have been hurt over and over again. But it is one thing I am thankful for that God has not given up on me.

Then I got to Ragamuffin Soul. Carlos or los as he calls himself talked about his former church. And it really sounds like that church is focused on what a church should be about.

Having served in churches along side my minister hubby that are more focused on themselves and less focused on meeting people where they, I am so glad to see churches out there are being what God has called us to be, Salt and Light.

Great Job

Published December 8, 2008 by Stacy

We had an awesome morning at church this morning. The kids sang at the beginning of both services this morning. They did a great job!

We just arrived home from the Walk Thru Bethlehem at FBC Longwood. The church has been doing this for at least 10 years now. We took the kids so that they could experience it. As usual the church has done a great job. We had a great guide that very clearly shared the Gospel story with us as we traveled around the marketplace. Live animals and a real baby make everything seem as if we were actually there. So again I encourage you to take a couple of hours and head over to check it out. They take you through in groups so while you are waiting for your turn, you sit in the worship center and listen to/sing Christmas songs.

Going to FBC Longwood always brings back childhood memories for me. My grandparents have been members of that church as long as I have been alive. I spent all of my summers with my grandparents and therefore attending church there during the summer. My grandfather is even still a Deacon. We saw his picture up on one of the walls as we were walking out tonight. My kids thought that was neat, seeing his picture.

We got a lot unpacked this weekend. You can almost see our living room floor. I will get more done this week when I am off from work. It is a lot easier to get stuff done when the kids are at school.

I pray you have a blessed week.


Published October 3, 2008 by Stacy

So I was thinking that it had probably been a few days since I lasted posted and when I logged in to write tonight I was surprised to see that it was getting close to a month since my last post. Sorry to those few that do read my blog on a regular basis.

So anyway hubby and I both have jobs. That is a HUGE praise for us. I have actually worked two days as a temporary receptionist for our local NBA team (if you know where I live I think you can figure out which team). It was fun to work there. All of the people were really nice. No, I did not see any players. I did see some of the dancers for the team yesterday. I start my long term assignment tomorrow. Hubby starts his job on Monday. He will be working 10-7 so he will still be able to get the kids off to school each day. So God is good even when it seems as if things are not on the right track.

We have really enjoyed getting to know people at our new church. I helped with MOPS a couple of weeks ago. For most of the time I was watching the two babies that were there. One of the babies was our pastor’s granddaughter. She is so very sweet and fun to watch as she explores the world. We have been enjoying our Life Group (Sunday School for you old school people…lol). We had an impromptu fellowship this past Sunday night at one couple’s house. There was lots of gaming going on in the house, with a Playstation going upstsirs, XBOX in the living room and Wii in the family room. The husbands were playing Madden ’09 on the XBOX and let me tell you they were louder than the kids at some points…lol. Hubby and I are both attending a Bible Study on Sunday evenings. I am doing Beth Moore’s Stepping Up. It is a study of the Psalms of Ascent. Really good study so far. Hubby is doing a study by Tony Dungy that I can never remember the name of.

Now that we have jobs we have really started to look around at housing options. We knew that there were several houses for rent in the neighborhood next to the kid’s school. But today hubby and I stopped in at the brand new apartment complex across the street from the school. WOW!! Is all that I can say. We feel pretty sure that this is where we will go. For what you get in amenities the price is well worth it. There is a fitness center, spa, tanning bed, kids corner and business center in the clubhouse. Also they have a huge pool, a playground, a dog park (how many people can say they have a dog park???), a nature trail and an outdoor kitchen by the pool that you can rent for parties. That is all what is available on the outside. In the units they have Whirlpool appliances including a microwave over the smooth top range. The washer and dryer is included. They also have intrusion alarms and lots of closets. And the one we are looking at is 1737 sq ft. That is huge for an apartment. Yes, we could get a house that size for the same price but then we would have to take care of the yard and buy a new washer and dryer. So I think we are going to go the apartment route. We are praying about it of course.
My grandmother had her hip replaced last week. She is doing much better than the doctors thought she would. She probably will not have to stay in rehab for as long as they thought. That is a good thing. I am so glad that she is doing so well.

Well we are going out of town for two nights. After I get off work tomorrow (I love saying that) we are driving down to my best friend’s house. We will be celebrating her son’s birthday. It will be nice to get away for a few days. And I always enjoy spending time with my best friend.

Well as I am typing, the Vice Presidential debate is on. I guess I should watch at least a little of it. I can hear my brother giving his commentary from my room.

So for now I shall say good night!

Silent no more

Published August 10, 2008 by Stacy

I have moved to this blog from my old one because I need a new place to be, a fresh start. We live in a new place, well we have lived in this area before but it has changed so much since we lived here it is like a new place.

Church was good this morning. It was really nice to feel free in worship, free to who I am, free to raise my hands if I felt led to. And the message was one that I needed to hear. The minister talked about the world knowing we are Christians by the love that we show, not just to one another but to the lost. He also talked about how to respond when someone has wronged you. And given what we have been going through of late, I would say I needed to hear it. He gave us a really good quote today.

“I will never allow a man to belittle my soul by making me hate him.” George Washington Carver

The kids start school on the 18th. We go to meet the teachers on the 14th. Even though all of this is new, I think they are looking forward to going back to school. We have haircut appointments for all of them on Tuesday with my old hairdresser. There are some good things about coming back home! Hubby has an interview tomorrow morning with an insurance company. It is the first interview he has been called for. I applied for some jobs through the state web site today and hubby sent my resume to a couple places that were in the paper today. So prayerfully something will come up soon.

Another day

Published June 19, 2008 by Stacy

Another day of VBS has gone by. I don’t remember if I mentioned in my post yesterday but we are having a little competition among the boys and girls to see who can bring the most money for missions this week. The first day the girls blew the boys away. Well today the boys brought their A game. They must have headed Bro. Jeremy’s advice and did some extra chores last night and dug a little deeper in the sofa cushions because at the end of the day today the boys were ahead by 7 cents. That is after being behind over $30 yesterday. The girls thought they had this one in the bag but they underestimated the boys I think.

This afternoon was the last practice of the t-ball season. And guess what Buddy did? Did he watch for every play and pay attention the whole time? Of course not…lol. That would be too much to ask of a my darling 6 year old. It was the same old, “Stop playing in the dirt, pay attention to the ball!” Oh well he is having fun and that is what counts, right??

Tonight when we got home from church I gave Buddy a much needed haircut. This is the second time I have cut his hair since we bought the electric hair trimmer. And the whole time I was doing his hair all I could hear in my head was the kaching of the cash register as I am saving money by doing it myself. And who doesn’t like to save a little money. I offered to cut Bean and Bug’s hair but for some reason they both turned me down on my offer. I can’t say that I blame them….lol. Girl’s hair is a little harder to cut.

Two more days of VBS left. Who will win the contest?? Stay tuned….


Published June 18, 2008 by Stacy

Vacation Bible School is under way this week at our church. It seems that things are running smoothly and the kids are having a good time. They are having a competition between the boys and girls to see who can bring in the most money for missions. The girls are WAY ahead of the boys by over $30 after today. So the challenge was put out to the boys to catch up to the girls before the week is over. I am looking forward to next week when Steve and I will be teaching the 5th and 6th graders for VBS. IT should be lots of fun.

This week starts the tournaments for the kids ball teams. Bug had her first game tonight. The team played with lots of heart and managed to pull out a win over a team that had beaten them pretty badly the last couple of times they played each other. So Bug plays again Thursday night at 7. Bean has her first tournament game Thursday night at 8. Buddy still has one regular game on Friday night and then his tournament starts on Saturday.

I know I have not written in a while. There has just been so much going on. We had a great time in Indianapolis. It was nice to be away for a few days and to see how God is working throughout the SBC. Saturday I unfortunately woke up with a horrible migraine. Thankfully I was able to get a shot of pain medicine and go to sleep. And sleep, and sleep. I slept the whole day. I hate losing a whole day to a migraine. That is the most frustrating thing to me about suffering from migraines. I am thankful that I am able to take a medicine that does help prevent most of them. Sunday I was at church for 11 hours. I arrived for Sunday School at 9 am and did not leave until 8pm. After morning worship Steve and I put the decorations up in the worship center for VBS. Then we had a luau. Followed by discipleship training and evening worship. So by the time I finally got home Sunday night I was one tired lady.

I have read some really interesting blogs in the last couple of days. I have some thoughts to share on those later. For now I am headed to bed. 7 am comes early and we still have 3 more days of VBS left this week.