Published November 11, 2012 by Stacy

I really miss writing. I have been so busy trying to figure out this single mom thing that I have let


Wow, what you see above is a post I started writing on 8/20/2011, well over a year ago. While I still don’t ever claim to have everything figured out, I do think most of the time I do a decent job at being a single mom. Most of the time. Sure there are days when I lose my patience and yell at the kids for not doing what I have asked them to do. But what parent doesn’t have those moments?

The school year is off to a pretty good start for all three kids. S is in high school now. She is doing well at making new friends. She went to the Homecoming dance and had a great time. She even has a boyfriend now. (that is a whole different post!!)

Well anyway I really do want to get back to writing. It is a great release. See you soon.


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