Published May 8, 2009 by Stacy

If you know me IRL or on facebook and twitter then you know I have been asking for prayers for my BFF.

To catch you up, Cyndi went to the doctor on Monday, April 27th, with pain in her abdomen that had gotten progressively worse over the past few weeks. A CT scan was ordered and it was discovered that she had a mass the size of a cantaloupe or honeydew depending on which doctor looked at it. She also has a much smaller mass by her left kidney. After meeting with a GYN oncologist and a urologist it was decided that the best course of action was to first remove the large mass and in a 2nd surgery remove the mass by her kidney. The reason for this decision was to limit the exposure to possible cancer cells. The urologist said that in his experience 9 out of 10 cases like this are cancer.

So today she went in to remove the large mass. Surgery went well and the large mass was not cancerous. That is a HUGE praise. She is now resting and hooked up to the medicine pump to help with her pain.

I just want to share a couple of things that show me that God has been in this every step of the way. Cyndi had her annual physical back in Aug of last year. Both her regular doctor and her OB/GYN missed the growth near her uterus. Because they missed it the mass by her kidney was found before it had grown enough to start causing trouble with her kidney. Also Cyndi was a candy-striper when she was in high school. The doctor she worked for all those years ago is a family friend and she took her scans to him so she could have a second opinion. She called him on Tuesday of last week and was able to see him the next day. Also Cyndi’s husband works for the county where they live and has enough time accumulated that he will be able to be off from work while she recovers from both of the surgeries. For those of us that have kids, that is huge.

I did go down last weekend to see if I could help get things done around the house so her husband would have less to worry about while Cyndi is in the hospital. I don’t really think I got a lot done but I know it helped both of us to be able to spend some time together. See if we had not moved back to Orlando last year, then I would not have been able to go last weekend to spend time with her.

Though there are times that I can’t make sense of what God is trying to accomplish in my life, I know that whatever may come happens for a very specific reason. Some things thrown my way have been really hard to deal with but knowing that God has a reason and that He will never leave my side makes it easier to get through the hard times.

So praise the Lord with me that Cyndi’s surgery went well. And pray with me that her recovery is quick and that the 2nd surgery goes well as well.


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