Stacy needs

Published February 26, 2009 by Stacy

this has been going around for awhile but I thought I would do it and see what came up.

So let’s see…

1. Stacy needs unconditional love from her boyfriend. (Umm, well I don’t have a boyfriend, just a husband that loves me dearly.)

2. Stacy needs sex. (Blushing…lol)

3. Stacy needs styling tips. (Yes I could always use those. I have a learning disability when it comes to using things like a curling iron or flat iron…lol)

4. Stacy needs you.

5. Stacy needs to feel that fire. (Not sure which fire this is referring to)

6. Stacy needs to go fill up her car with gas and leave. (I think my gas tank is good for now, thanks for asking)

7. Stacy needs some. (what? sleep? yes I do need that…lol)

8. Stacy needs flowers. (those would be nice every now and again)

9. Stacy needs help with how to deal with her mom. (this is more true than you know)

10. Stacy needs a website. (I don’t think I need one)
Well that was fun. I know my hubby did this on his blog yesterday.  It is also floating around Facebook.

I realized after I had typed all of the above that I used my real name. I haven’t done that on this blog because I have been trying to keep it as anonymous as possible. But I feel that my reasons for doing so are no longer valid. So anyway you can go to the Click here page for an explanation as to which child is which. I will continue to use their nicknames, not their real ones.

I am waiting for a phone call. One telling me that I am once again employed. Being employed will be great for our checkbook of course. But I would be lying if I said I really wanted to go back to work. It has been kind of nice to be home everyday so I can get the kids from school. When I was working I wouldn’t get to pick the kids up until almost 6 most days and then would have to come home to fix dinner. Not very much fun but I know millions of moms do it everyday. The one thing I am so grateful for is that we have family that helps with the kids. Without family it would be so much harder.

We interrupt this post with a funny…

I called Bean out to ask her something. She came out and said, “hurry up I am at the best part of the movie. You know the part where Darth Vader says to Luke, “Luke I am your father” and then he cuts off his hand?” As she is saying this, she is acting it out and as only she can do hurt herself trying to mimic cutting off her hand.

I realize it would be finnier if you had been here. Oh well, it was a classic Bean moment.


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