Published February 9, 2009 by Stacy

Well it is hard to be without work. Being positive I am so very glad that we had already filed our taxes and gotten our refund. So we are caught up on all of our bills. For now. Prayerfully I will find a job soon and we won’t get behind again.


We did not miss church two Sundays in a row. No that would be bad. We did not stay home this past Sunday because we had a lot of stuff to get done around the apartment before hubby’s parents stopped by. Nope, I would never leave things until the last minute.

I was not relieved when it seemed like I was going to keep my job for a little while longer. I did not try to ignore the message that popped up on my screen asking me to come to the office. I did not consider for one minute just walking out of the building and never looking back. No, that would be completely unprofessional.

I was also not relieved to have it over with because it took away the not knowing everyday.

I did not get really upset when my paycheck did not go into our checking account on Friday. It would be silly to be so upset about something like that. I was very polite when I called to inquire about my check.

I did not get ready to go to the store on Saturday only to remember that hubby had the van and his car was in the shop. Who would forget that they didn’t have a vehicle for the day. That is silly.

Last night as I worked on my school work I did not think that I liked it better before other people moved into our building. It was much quieter. I also did not think that, “we were here first, we have dibs on the good parking spaces”. I did not think that because really who thinks that way?

I did not think today as I was driving home from the grocery store that teenagers drive like maniacs. Nor did I wish there was a cop up ahead to pull over the crazy person driving the convertible that was going way too fast and weaving in and out of traffic.

I did not get a 63 on my mid-term for one of my classes. No I study and get good grades in all of my classes. I did not think more than once while taking said test, “what a waste this class is. Who cares how many spaces to indent a paragraph or how to properly format a paper in the APA format.” That is why I have a program that does it all for me.

I do not have “Senioritis” as I am so close to being done with school. I am ready for school to be done. So I would not once consider blowing off an assignment. No that would be irresponsible.

Head on over to MckMamma and she what she did not do this past week.


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