Published January 17, 2009 by Stacy

So today was an interesting day at work. Never in my working life have I worked in an environment that you don’t know from one day to the next if you will have a job. I started this job with my eyes wide open to the fact that I am a contractor and the chances of getting hired on permanent were pretty slim. We were told less than 10% of the contractors get permanent positions.

So anyway things were going along very nicely until one day early in December when we were told that we had to take 10 days of Voluntary Time Off (VTO). If we didn’t take the days off then we would be let go and out of a job completely. So most of took the days. Some decided they had had enough and moved on to some other place. Thankfully I only ended up having to take 6 days as the week of Christmas call volume was a lot heavier then anticipated.

Now we are into January and I still have not worked a 40 hour week. Other teams were beginning to dwindle in numbers as people were being laid off. Then on Tuesday it was my teams turn. Our supervisor came in and told us that, “Today is my last day.” We were all a little shocked and a little sad. We liked our supervisor.

Today the cuts started. Around 3 or so one of my co-workers sent a message to the girls that sits two desks over from me. He asked her what her felings were about the meeting this afternoon. She had no idea what he was talking about. She asked me if had a meeting this afternoon. I didn’t know what she was talking about either. So then a little before 4 o’clock 4 of my team members left to go to the meeting.

And they never came back.

A little while later our new supervisor came in with a box and began to clear out the desks of the four people. That was hard to watch.

Then we get an email about changes for Monday and we see other names are missing from the list. All said and done 9 people were let go today. The sad thing is 5 of those people were on VTO today and I have a feeling that they don’t know that they have been laid off. I have a feeling that they will come into work on Monday and be called into a meeting and given the news. That makes me so very sad.

But it also make me grateful that I still have a job.

I am sending my resume out and looking for other opportunities (if you know of any, send them my way…lol). Today was just another reminder for me that we are not promised tomorrow. We have to live for today.

Now I am off to play the Wii with my kids. This has become our favorite thing to do.


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