Published January 6, 2009 by Stacy

I am not, no not me.

I did not try hard to hold back tears as I read this post today and then watched the picture slide show in that post. I am not that kind of a sappy person. Not me.

I did not miss my kids so much this past week that I prayed for the week to go by faster so that they would be home.

I did not miss church for the second week in a row and not really feel that guilty about it, not me, I as a former Minister’s Wife would NEVER do that.

I did not let my kids go swimming in January. Who does that?

I did not laugh at my brother when he was trying to do the Hula Hoop on the Wii Fit. I also did not laugh when my hubby began to video my brother. I wouldn’t do that, it is not nice to laugh at people.

I did not once today at work wish that these people that I deal with would actually read the paperwork we send them. If they did that, I would be out of a job, so I would never wish that, not me.

I did not for even just a minute consider just letting the kids fend for themselves for dinner tonight, no, I always cook for my kids.

I did not just give my husband a dirty look for pouring my drink out, Not Me.

Ok, so this concludes the Not me part of my post for today. I wanted to share something that occurred to me this morning as I drove to work. As I was driving the fog was still burning off and it was one of those moments when to me it seems af of the fingers of God are reaching down to touch us right where we are. And very fittingly the song on the radio was, of course I can’t remember which song it was but the words said something like, “Lord reveal yourself to me…” My first thought was the Lord really reveals Himself to us way more than we ever realize. The thing is we have to take the time and enregy to see it. I am not a big goal setter or resolution maker when a new year rolls around but one thing that I really am going to purpose to do this year is to pour myself into building relationships. I think that is one big thing that God is trying to get me to see, is that relationships are a vital part of life.

Happy Monday (I know the day is over but you get the point).


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