Not Me

Published December 15, 2008 by Stacy

I have been reading MckMama’s blog for a couple of months now. Every Monday she does a Not Me post. I have decided to play along.


I did not think as we were working on unpacking stuff Saturday morning that it would be eaiser to just get rid of everything and start over, no not me.

I did not think on Sunday morning that I am glad that my hubby is not of staff at a church anymore. No, not me.

I did not stay in my pajamas until after 2 pm yesterday, I would never do that. I did not eat crackers and cheese ball for lunch yesterday, followed by a brownie.

I did not have another brownie for breakfast today, instead of something more healthy like yougurt.

I also did not get frustrated because I could not get the Not Me picture to show up on my blog. And then I did not do a little happy dance when I finally got it to work.

Play along, it only takes a minute.


3 comments on “Not Me

  • I feel the same way about throwing stuff away and just starting over again! As we’ve been moving into our new place over the past week, I’m just amazed at how much stuff we’ve brought that has been in storage the past 4 months that I have not really missed!

    I got really frustrated last week when I couldn’t get Mr. Linky to come up! Patience….right?!

  • Came over from MckMama’s…how do you get your Tweets on Facebook? I tried and tried and it says the app is on FB but whenever I tweet it doesn’t update my FB status. Any idea what I’m doing wrong? Sorry to bug you about this in a comment. BTW, loved your Not Me’s and now I want a brownie 🙂

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