Published December 9, 2008 by Stacy

I read quite a few blogs as you can see from my blogroll over there. Some are funny and some a serious or challenging to me. I have all of the blogs that I read in Google reader. I believe I have blogged about how much I love Google and the many things that they have to make my life on the ‘net easier.

Anyway I have read two blogs toady that just, well, really strike a chord deep inside of me. One thing that I love about our new church is that people are real. The people at our church love you where you are, accept you even when you screw up and are there for you when you need someone.

Pete Wilson talked about forgiveness today. When I first started reading the post, I thought to myself, “What does OJ have to do with anything?” But I kept reading and was hit with a 2 X 4, I realized there are some people that I need to forgive in order for me to move on with my life and serve the Lord with all that I have. Forgiveness does not come easy when you have been hurt over and over again. But it is one thing I am thankful for that God has not given up on me.

Then I got to Ragamuffin Soul. Carlos or los as he calls himself talked about his former church. And it really sounds like that church is focused on what a church should be about.

Having served in churches along side my minister hubby that are more focused on themselves and less focused on meeting people where they, I am so glad to see churches out there are being what God has called us to be, Salt and Light.


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