Great Job

Published December 8, 2008 by Stacy

We had an awesome morning at church this morning. The kids sang at the beginning of both services this morning. They did a great job!

We just arrived home from the Walk Thru Bethlehem at FBC Longwood. The church has been doing this for at least 10 years now. We took the kids so that they could experience it. As usual the church has done a great job. We had a great guide that very clearly shared the Gospel story with us as we traveled around the marketplace. Live animals and a real baby make everything seem as if we were actually there. So again I encourage you to take a couple of hours and head over to check it out. They take you through in groups so while you are waiting for your turn, you sit in the worship center and listen to/sing Christmas songs.

Going to FBC Longwood always brings back childhood memories for me. My grandparents have been members of that church as long as I have been alive. I spent all of my summers with my grandparents and therefore attending church there during the summer. My grandfather is even still a Deacon. We saw his picture up on one of the walls as we were walking out tonight. My kids thought that was neat, seeing his picture.

We got a lot unpacked this weekend. You can almost see our living room floor. I will get more done this week when I am off from work. It is a lot easier to get stuff done when the kids are at school.

I pray you have a blessed week.


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