New look

Published December 7, 2008 by Stacy

I decided to give my blog a festive theme for the rest of the month.

We just finished watching the Gators win the SEC Championship. It was a great game to watch.  While we were watching I was working on going through some of the boxes. There was one box that had lots of pictures from my life. It was really neat to see so many pictures of my girls when they were babies. It seems like only yesterday that they were little and now they are 11 and about to turn 10. I found a little folder that had the proofs from when I had Glamor Shots done back in 1995. I made the comment, “I wish I still looked like that!” My oldest daughter said, “Yeah like that will ever happen again.” Kind of brutal if you ask me…lol. The girls had a few laughs over some of the pictures. Seeing their grandparents on their wedding day, my middle one said, “That’s Grandma?!?!? Wow!” I think it was in reference to the big hair from the mid-1980’s. One thing I can’t get past is the HUGE glasses that I used to wear. And I mean HUGE! They practically took up my whole face, they were that big. Once I get my scanner set up I may post some of the pictures that I have found. Some of them will show up on Facebook eventually.

So tomorrow evening we are going to take the kids to see the Walk Thru Bethlehem. They are looking forward to seeing it. We decided to wait until tomorrow so that we could see the whole Gator game.


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