Moving Pt 2

Published December 5, 2008 by Stacy

OK that was not the most fun thing I have had to do today. I don’t do puke, I never have. That has always been my hubby’s department. I can do blood, snot or any number of things but puke, not so much.

So as I was saying we got all of our stuff moved in. Now we have the task of unpacking and making this place our home. We are blessed that we get to live in a brand new apartment. We are the first ones to live in this place. That is really nice.

So at work yesterday we found out that we have to take 10 days of voluntary time off this month. Today was the first of my ten days. I am also off tomorrow. So since I now find myself with this time off, I have time to get things unpacked and organized around here.

I got absolutely nothing done today. I have been fighting a migraine and therefore didn’t do much other than go to the grocery store and begin to fill our empty pantry. The one thing about this move is that since we have been living with my family until we could get back on our feet, we did not bring any of our stuff from the pantry. So we have to restock.

So tomorrow I plan to work on the girl’s room while they are at school. They made a royal mess in their room already. They were looking for the speakers to their TV. I told them that the speakers are in the apartment and that they are not in a box. But they still began to open bags in a search for the speakers. So now their floor is covered with stuff. I am also cooking dinner for a couple in our Life Group that just had their first baby. Oh, I just remembered that we are dog sitting for friends that are actually moving into the same complex that we just moved into. They asked that we watch Benny while they are moving in tomorrow evening.

So for a day off, it is already full.

I am hoping to go to the Walk Thru Bethlehem at my grandmother’s church on Saturday evening. Hubby and I went years ago before we had kids. I think the kids will really enjoy seeing it. If you live in my area, you really should check it out.


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