A piece of history

Published November 15, 2008 by Stacy

Tonight I got to share with my kids the excitement of seeing the Space Shuttle go up. We were at the kids school for PTA movie night and the movie got done just in the nick of time. We went out to the parking lot and waited for a few minutes. Then in the sky behind the school building, we could see a bright light building. It was almost like a sunrise. Then we saw the shuttle rising up into the dark sky, a bright light for all to see. It was a great thing to witness. They say this was the last night launch out of Kennedy Space Center. If it was then we got to witness history in the making. We watched until the shuttle looked like a bright star in the sky, then we headed home.

Last weekend we got to share in a special birthday for my Grandmother. She turned 75 at the beginning of this month. The family threw her a surprise party at a fabulous Italian restaurant in downtown Longwood.  The party was a great success and the food was great. I would recommend you try Mona Lisa in Longwood. They are only open for dinner on Thursday and Friday nights. They will open on Saturday night for a party like what we had.

It was so nice that I got to be a part of the celebration. It was yet another reminder of why it is good to be back home. I just remembered today that this Thanksgiving will be the first one that we have been with our family since 2004. We had great friends that took us in a treated us like we were part of the family when we lived in IL. But getting to spend the holidays with our family this will be really nice.


2 comments on “A piece of history

  • Happy Thanksgiving. I’m hosting my first Thanksgiving this year. Since we have a new home, Freda was all acceptable about us having it.
    Miss ya’ll. Have a great Thanksgiving.

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