Published September 13, 2008 by Stacy

I am glad that is it Friday. The kids had a great week at school. The girls had their first chorus practice on Thursday. They are both excited about being in the chorus. I can’t wait to hear them sing.

My step-mom and I went to the movies tonight. We saw House Bunny. It was cute but definitely not a kid friendly movie. I was thinking back and I have seen more movies in the last two months than I saw at the theaters in the last year. I have seen Mama Mia, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Dark Knight, Fly Me To The Moon and now House Bunny. It is nice to get to go to the movies. We went for cupcakes at SWEET after the movie. I had a Cookies and Creme cupcake. YUMMY!! Oh and the milk is so good too!! If you live in Orlando you have to go to this place and have a cupcake and glass of milk.

I finally decided to put my blogroll back up. I am working on it slowly so soon all my favorite blogs should be up there. If you were on my blogroll on my other blog I will have you back on my new one soon. It takes a long time to type all of that in so I am doing it a little at a time.

Finally if you have not gotten gas today, I strongly suggest you do NOW. I got gas today around noon and paid $3.59, which was up from $3.53 yesterday. Then tonight when we went to the movies it had gone up to $3.69 and one station was out of gas. We will be sticking close to home for the next week, trying to conserve as much as possible.

Oh one more thing, Hubby does have a job!! He starts on the 26th. He will be working in an inbound call center. He also has 3 interviews in the next week. He has had quite a few interviews in this job hunting process. I, however have not had a single one!! A little frustrating to say the least. Prayerfully I will have something soon.

I promise this is the last thing….lol. I went to a jewelry party on Tuesday night. And I got to know some of the ladies from our new church. It was fun to get out and hang out with some new friends. I learned that there is a Beth Moore bible study starting on the 21st at church. I am really excited about that. I have not done a Beth Moore study in over a year. I am always so blessed and learn so much when I do one of her studies. So I will be looking forward to starting Stepping Up next week.

Have a blessed weekend!!!!


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