Way to go

Published September 5, 2008 by Stacy

Last week my girls brought home a sheet announcing choir auditions at school today. Right off the bat my oldest said that she did not want to audition but my middle one was chomping at the bit to audition. Then on Tuesday when I picked the kids up from school my oldest said, “I want to audition for the choir.” I asked her what brought the change of heart. She said, “I had music class today and Mr. R is awesome!!”

So they both stayed after school today for the audition. I arrived to pick them up and was informed by both of them that they had made it into the choir. I am so excited to see my girls excited about singing. Music is a big part of our lives.

Both girls are also very talented artists for their ages. And they both informed me that they had a permission slip for me to sign to be in the Art Club at school. There are only 20 slots for the Art Club. Each child has to draw a self portrait to turn into the art teacher. I guess the 20 will be chosen based on how well they do on the self portraits. I know that I am biased but I think both of the girls drawings are really good. So I guess we will know next week if the girls will be staying after school on Tuesday for Art Club. The choir practices on Thursday so they could be staying after school two days a week.

I am excited that my kids are back in a school where they are taught art and music on a regular basis. At their last school there was no paid music teacher in the whole county. The county did have an art teacher but she traveled to all the elementary schools and so they only had art for 6 weeks in the fall and 6 weeks in the spring. There are some benefits to living in a larger city. It is good to be home.


One comment on “Way to go

  • That’s great that your girls both got in the choir. Hope they get to do the art club too.
    I think music and art are important subjects and should be taught to young children so those who are interested and talented can be encouraged from an early age. In our schools, the teachers have to include music, art, drama, public speaking and sport in their weekly routines.

    Thanks for answering my question about what you’re studying. I hope you get enough time to do your homework. Must be really hard with a family to look after!

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