First Day of School

Published August 19, 2008 by Stacy

Yesterday was the first day of school for the kids. I went to their door to wake them up and as I was putting my hand on the doorknob, my oldest opens the door. She was completely dressed, all the way down to her socks and shoes, all she needed to do was brush her hair. So anyway I got them all ready and took a few pictures before headed up to the school. Drop-off yesterday morning was a little chaotic to say the least. It took no less than 20 minutes just to get into the school parking lot. By the time we even got remotely close to the building, it was already 8:50 (school is supposed to start at 8:45). So I told my sweet kids that I would not be able to walk them in. There was nowhere to park. So they very bravely walked into their new school.

Things were put into perspective for them a little while we were waiting in traffic. We were listening to the local Christian radio station and they were taking phone calls. A lady called in asking the DJ’s to pray for her little niece as she had just moved to FL from Jamaica and was starting a new school in a new country. My oldest said, “wow, whole new country! That must be hard for her.” I told them all see I know you think it is hard because we have moved again but at least you have only moved from one state to another and you are not having to learn a new language or anything like that. How’s that for some perspective?

Ok now some pictures:


2 comments on “First Day of School

  • They are so cute!!! Glad to hear things went well. Did they enjoy their day? On another note… Steve still blogging? Since you took your list down I can’t use it anymore 🙂 There were a few places I would click on…just thought I’d ask. Lori

  • Yes that really does put things in perspective, although from their point of view it’s still hard changing schools. At least they’ve changed at the beginning of the school year so there will be lots of other potential new friends in the same situation as them. They all look very bright and fresh for their first day of school.

    Did you ever find a yellow folder?

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