We are ready

Published August 16, 2008 by Stacy

I think we are ready. We have had a busy couple of days so I have not had time to write. We went on Tues to see if we could find another pair of shoes for each of the girls. The dress code at school says NO SANDALS. So we figured they needed a little variety in their sneakers. Anyway my middle daughter found a pair rather quickly. But shoe shopping with my oldest has never been an easy task, umm it is one of my least favorite tasks. Right up there with going to the dentist and doing laundry. She never did find a pair that she liked.

Weds we took the kids to have physicals done for school. They are all healthy. My son made us laugh when the doctor told him to touch his toes and instead of bending over to touch them, he lifted up his leg and stretched out his arm to touch his toes. After we were done we took all the paperwork to school and got them all registered for school.

Yesterday was meet the teacher day at school. All of the teachers we met are very nice. I think the kids will have a very good year. We got all the directions for how to do pick up for car riders. There was even a map of how to drive around the parking lot so that the traffic flows properly. My brother even went along with us so that he could check out the school too.

Yesterday was also my brother’s 20th birthday. So some more family came for a yummy dinner of baked Ziti and meatballs with cake and ice cream for dessert.

Today my step-mom and I went back to Sears to return one of the shirts we bought last week that we discovered after we got home had a defect in it. We then looked around and in the junior’s dept (I can’t believe that my girls can actually wear junior’s sizes, I am not ready for this yet!! lol) We found these cute little summer dresses that were on clearance for $9.99 according to the sticker. When we went to the register it rang up for $3.99 so we went and found another one. Can you believe that?? The original price of the dresses was $42. So two dresses for a total of $8.50!!!

Tomorrow I will get all of the school supplies out and sort them all by child and get backpacks ready for school. Maybe I will also see if I can get the kids to pick out what they want to wear on the first day of school.

I was tired before I started typing but now that I have read back over all we did this week I am really tired. So now I think I will go to bed.


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