Silent no more

Published August 10, 2008 by Stacy

I have moved to this blog from my old one because I need a new place to be, a fresh start. We live in a new place, well we have lived in this area before but it has changed so much since we lived here it is like a new place.

Church was good this morning. It was really nice to feel free in worship, free to who I am, free to raise my hands if I felt led to. And the message was one that I needed to hear. The minister talked about the world knowing we are Christians by the love that we show, not just to one another but to the lost. He also talked about how to respond when someone has wronged you. And given what we have been going through of late, I would say I needed to hear it. He gave us a really good quote today.

“I will never allow a man to belittle my soul by making me hate him.” George Washington Carver

The kids start school on the 18th. We go to meet the teachers on the 14th. Even though all of this is new, I think they are looking forward to going back to school. We have haircut appointments for all of them on Tuesday with my old hairdresser. There are some good things about coming back home! Hubby has an interview tomorrow morning with an insurance company. It is the first interview he has been called for. I applied for some jobs through the state web site today and hubby sent my resume to a couple places that were in the paper today. So prayerfully something will come up soon.


6 comments on “Silent no more

  • Saw your comment on Pioneer Woman. Just know that things may change and change rapidly, but God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow! BTW I love going home to my momma’s! Hope you recive all the loving up on you need! Hang in there.

  • Hi Stacy! Are you back in Orlando? What is up? Sorry that we haven’t talked lately. Hope everything is going okay. Thank you for sending me your new blog. I never did the blogging thing maybe I should try it out.

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