School clothes

Published August 9, 2008 by Stacy

Urs and I took the girls school clothes shopping today. Oh what fun we had. No really. It was fun. I mean it. Really. I do. The girls are at the age now where it is fun to go shopping with them. They like to try things on, see what looks good, what doesn’t. So off we went today to Sears to hit the clearance racks to see what bargains we could find. And bargains we found! (Sidenote- we left Buddy home with Steve. Buddy is not so much fun to shop with, he just wants to play in the clothing racks)

So after a couple hours of shopping we came home with a bunch of new things and we saved a bundle. Who doesn’t love to save money?? One shirt that we got for the girls had a $9.99 pink sticker on it. It rang up $2.49 and then we had a coupon that took an additional 20% off our entire order. How is that for a bargain?? All of the kids are good to go for school now. We have clothes, backpacks, school supplies and new shoes. (We are still missing that YELLOW folder, dumb yellow folder).

Meet the teacher day is on Thursday and we are all looking forward to that. We drove by the kids new school today on the way home from the mall and the girls we very impressed by the building. They can’t wait to see the inside.

Well now I think I am going to take my aching feet to bed. Good night. And God Bless!!


One comment on “School clothes

  • I had to stop and think about why you were buying school clothes at a department store – when you said ‘school clothes’ I thought ‘school uniforms’ as all schools here have their own uniform.

    I think you are going to have to buy a white folder and cover it with yellow paper!!

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