What I did today

Published August 5, 2008 by Stacy

Today when we left the house we had a lot of things to accomplish and that we did.

  • picked up registration forms at the kids new school
  • went to the bank
  • went to the post office
  • went to eat some lunch
  • I registered fro my fall classes while we ate lunch
  • Steve made some phone calls while we were at lunch
  • went to the library to print out a form we needed to have notarized
  • went back to the bank to have the form notarized
  • bought some envelopes
  • back to the kids school to fax the form to request their records and we got a tour of the school
  • back to the post office
  • to the storage unit to look for Steve’s birth certificate (didn’t find it)
  • went to Vital Statistics office to get another copy
  • went to driver’s license office and got our FL licenses (our DL #’s are the same one we had from when we lived here before)
  • came back to the house and filled out all the paperwork for all the kids
  • after dinner watched Juno (was a pretty good movie)

So you see we had a pretty busy day. But we got a lot done. Steve even filled out a few job applications online while watching the movie tonight. So we are getting some things in line. Prayerfully we will both have jobs soon and we will be able to get back on our feet. All in all today was a good day. Now I am tired and going to bed.


3 comments on “What I did today

  • Ooooo you’ve got me all-a-wonder about what’s going on! New school? Job applications? Sounds like you’re moving. Sounds like it was a bit sudden too. Hope everything goes smoothly as possible.

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