Mickey and friends

Published July 23, 2008 by Stacy

Tomorrow we get to go see the mouse, you know Mickey Mouse and all of his friends. The kids are really excited. All Buddy has talked about today is, “when are we going to the Toy Story Mania?” That is a new ride that they have at Hollywood studios, which is the park that we will be visiting tomorrow. Thanks to a friend that works at the House of Mouse we will not be spending big bucks to get into the park tomorrow.

Yesterday we went over to one of the other resorts run by Westgate to play mini-golf and have lunch. Lunch was really yummy!!(Free didn’t hurt either…lol) We had chicken wings, rice and pinto beans, fried plantains and all the soda you could drink. We have really been enjoying our vacation. It could not have come at a better time.

This morning we had breakfast (free again) by the pool before heading over to visit the IKEA store. I have been to the IKEA store in Chicago and it is something else. So I decided that Steve really needed to experience it too. The store in Orlando is nice, not as big as the one in Chicago but it has FREE childcare!! Yes, you read that right. There is a play area at the front of the store where there are IKEA workers that will watch your children while you shop in the store. You can shop for up to an hour child free. We didn’t leave the kids today but I thought that was a GREAT idea.

The other thing I wanted to tell you about is if you have a science museum anywhere near you, you need to look into getting a membership. My friend Cyndi has had a family membership to her local science museum for a couple of years now. Her family is coming up to visit us here in Orlando on Thursday and they were planning on going to visit the museum here. A lot of the science museums around the country are part of a network and if you are a member of your local museum then when you are out of town you can visit other museums with your membership. So as a gift my friend bought our family a year membership to a museum close to where we live for get this, $35 for all five of us for a whole year. So on Saturday our two families are going to visit the museum here in Orlando together. Then when we are back home we can go to Nashville or Knoxville and visit the museums there. I was looking at the list of museums that participate in the program and we can even go to museums in Australia!  If you want to check it out here is a link of the museums that are in the program.

Well I am headed to bed. I need to get my rest so I can be ready to walk, walk, walk, walk tomorrow!!


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