Published July 21, 2008 by Stacy

It is so nice to be on vacation. And I think other than our honeymoon, this condo is the nicest place that we have ever stayed. It is well worth the pennies that we paid over the past two years for it (Long story, I will tell it another time).

We have had a great time already spending time with family. We stopped at Steve’s parents house for a night on our way to the condo. The kids got to see some of their “summer” friends while we were there. There are some other kids that visit their grandparents every summer that our girls have gotten to know the past couple of summers. Grandpa took them over to have ice cream with Melissa after dinner on Friday night. And they got to swim with her on Saturday before we left.

Yesterday we went to church at Eastpoint Fellowship. The pastor there was our pastor when we were first married and he is the pastor that ordained Steve into the ministry. I wanted to share my sermon notes from yesterday because it as a great reminder to me that there is great freedom in Christ.

DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT: The Sounds of Legalism By Danny Strickland

Colossians 2:16-23

1. Let no one judge you. v 16-17

A life that is centered on Jesus and what He did on the on the cross has no place for legalism.

2. Hold fast to Jesus to be truly spiritual. v18-19

There are few things more dangerous among Christians than spiritual pride and arrogance.

3. Let the laws of God rule your life, not the legalistic rules of man. v 20-23

This is a perfect description of legalistic religion defined more by what we don’t do than what we do.  All legalistic rules have the appearance of wisdom but have no real value. Legalism does not restrain the flesh, it it feeds the flesh in a subtle way.

Self-imposed religion is man reaching to God trying to justify himself by keeping a listing of rules. Christianity is God reaching down to man in love through Christ.

This sermon was a good reminder to me that if I can’t find something in the Scriptures, then it is not something that I need to to follow.

After church we spent the rest of the day with my dad, step-mom and brother, having some awesome Italian food and a great time just hanging out and relaxing.

Today we are heading to to pool and maybe a little miniature golf. We shall see what the day brings.

Maybe I will post some pictures tomorrow.


2 comments on “Vacation

  • Great layout.
    Our sermon this past Sunday was about praying. How we usualy ask good for blessings & safty. And how we have the best of times & worst of times & that God never promised us the best of times all the time. So, when those bad times come around he’s still there, he hasn’t left it’s just apart of life.

  • Hello. Here’s Andy from Romania. I read your post and I’ve recognized the unique preaching style of brother Danny Strickland. I sure miss him most right now. I hope he will come next year to Romania, in Arad.
    Take care and God bless!

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