Getting ready

Published July 15, 2008 by Stacy

I am so ready for vacation that I can hardly contain myself. I need a break from all of the busyness that this summer has brought. The kids have been out of school since May 21st and this is what they have done so far, are you ready???

  • 25 t-ball/softball games have been played
  • Bean has been to camp at her new middle school
  • all three kids went to the Children’s Conference at the Southern Baptist Convention
  • 2 weeks of Vacation Bible School have been done
  • one student choir lock-in
  • 4th of July Celebration
  • Bean went to Crosspoint (her first time at camp away from home, she had a BLAST!)
  • a couple of trips to the lake to swim
  • Bug had her softball team party at the city pool
  • Bean and Bug went to a sleepover b-day party, a swimming party @ the city pool, and we all went to a b-day party where the kids played on a slip and slide the other day

I’m sure I am forgetting something along the way but you get the point, it is time for a little bit of a break before school starts. Time to go visit with our family. Reconnect. Revive ourselves. Refocus.


One comment on “Getting ready

  • This is why we choose to camp. I don’t allow i pods, game systems, dvd potables or anything that gives our kids the option to be alone. I crave family time. I enjoy being with my kids. We have been camping 3 times so far & have 2-3 more times to go before school starts. I hope you get to take a break.
    Ps I remember children’s conference at the SBC. Wow that seems so long ago. Hugs

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