Great idea

Published July 12, 2008 by Stacy

One of the blogs I have been reading for a really long time is Because I said so. Dawn is the mom that a few years ago auctioned a baseball off on ebay after her boys broke things in the house after of course being told not to play with a baseball in the house. I remember seeing that auction on ebay at the time and thinking it was hilarious. Well then a while back she took her 6 kids grocery shopping a box of Pokemon cards ended up coming home  with them and those ended up on ebay. That is when I started reading Dawn’s blog. She is funny and having 6 kids there is never a shortage of things to blog about.

Dawn often recommends other mom’s site’s and one she talked about yesterday really caught my attention. This I think is just about the best idea I have seen in a long time. The product is called Safetytat. The tag line on the web site says, “Get the tat that brings the child back.” It is a temporary tattoo that you can put on your child that you design that can have your phone number on it so that if you get separated from your child, all your child has to do is find a store clerk or police officer and they can call you. If you have a child with a medical issue such as diabetes or autism you can even put that on the tattoo.

Fortunately I can’t ever remember at time that I have been separated from any of my kids for more than a minute or two (though even that is scary). But we are getting ready to go on vacation and we will be going to one of the Disney theme parks, which we all know has lots of people. Even with the girls getting to be where they can remember our phone numbers I still think this is a good idea for them because if they actually got separated from us in a place like Disney in the heat of the moment they might not be able to remember what our number is. So check it out.


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