Another day

Published June 19, 2008 by Stacy

Another day of VBS has gone by. I don’t remember if I mentioned in my post yesterday but we are having a little competition among the boys and girls to see who can bring the most money for missions this week. The first day the girls blew the boys away. Well today the boys brought their A game. They must have headed Bro. Jeremy’s advice and did some extra chores last night and dug a little deeper in the sofa cushions because at the end of the day today the boys were ahead by 7 cents. That is after being behind over $30 yesterday. The girls thought they had this one in the bag but they underestimated the boys I think.

This afternoon was the last practice of the t-ball season. And guess what Buddy did? Did he watch for every play and pay attention the whole time? Of course not…lol. That would be too much to ask of a my darling 6 year old. It was the same old, “Stop playing in the dirt, pay attention to the ball!” Oh well he is having fun and that is what counts, right??

Tonight when we got home from church I gave Buddy a much needed haircut. This is the second time I have cut his hair since we bought the electric hair trimmer. And the whole time I was doing his hair all I could hear in my head was the kaching of the cash register as I am saving money by doing it myself. And who doesn’t like to save a little money. I offered to cut Bean and Bug’s hair but for some reason they both turned me down on my offer. I can’t say that I blame them….lol. Girl’s hair is a little harder to cut.

Two more days of VBS left. Who will win the contest?? Stay tuned….


4 comments on “Another day

  • I LOVE VBS! I can’t wait for it to start for my kids next month! This will be the first year that my 3 oldest will be teaching too! Very exciting for them!
    What a great idea about the mission money competition! Great way to get them really thinking about it!
    🙂 Debi

  • I just wrapped up a week of VBS too! I am so excited when it starts and by the end of the week I am so worn out I am happy to see it go….but the excitement and wonder in all of those little faces make me smile all year long!

  • I’ve recently started cutting all my children’s hair, even he girls (just a trim) and it saves heaps. Last time I had my own hair trimmed plus the two eldest girls t cost me over $60.00!

    I have fond memories of Vacation Bible School. They don’t do it anywhere around here now.

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