Published June 12, 2008 by Stacy

I am feeling kind of nostalgic tonight. The SBC annual meeting is over. I have a blast, my kids have had a blast. The Children’s Conference was outstanding and I would highly recommend it to any parent. The cost is well worth it and really it is not that expensive, sure when you have more than one child it seems like a lot but where can you get GREAT quality children’s programs for $45 for 3 whole days?????

Anyway that is not why I am feeling nostalgic. Tonight during the evening session Charles Billingsley was the worship leader. The first song he performed with the combined choir was a version of The Old Rugged Cross that I am pretty sure I have done when I was in the choir at Parkway Baptist Church in Orlando, FL with Craig Stamper as my Worship Pastor. Craig was my husband’s mentor and who we named our son after. He was killed in a car accident 7 years ago, the day after 9/11. I have many happy memories of Craig but every now and then something will pop into my mind and there will be just that little bit of sadness, even this many years later. And the way Charles sings reminds me so much of Craig, it was almost like seeing Craig up on that stage tonight. And Craig was the one that first introduced me to who Charles Billingsley was. I don’t remember the year, well it must have been 1996. The choir had worked so hard on our Easter production that Craig had Charles come in on a Wednesday night and do a concert at our church just for those involved in the production. So anyway it was a treat then and it was a treat tonight to hear Charles sing. And I don’t think I have heard anyone else that can sing Midnight Cry quite like Charles can. (sorry honey, not even you, but I still love to hear you sing!!)

I have other thoughts and things God has laid on my heart to share but I will save those for another post. I am blessed to have been a part of our annual meeting. I have found it to be a worthwhile event. I hope that if you are a Southern Baptist that at some point you have the chance to attend. Next year will be in Louisville, KY, hope to see you there!


One comment on “Bittersweet

  • Hey there!
    Just checking your blog out. I love it! One of my fav songs is the old rugged cross. And I’ve been to Parkway Church. We moved from Orlando to CA. How neat is that. It was nice to see I’m not the only one crazy for Sonny’s BBQ. I will check back often. Great blog!

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