On my mind

Published June 7, 2008 by Stacy

I have been sitting here at my kitchen table making up snack bags of different things for us to take with us on our trip to Indianapolis that is coming up. I am really looking forward to our trip for a number of reasons. I don’t have to cook, clean or do any laundry are very high on my list. But this will be my first opportunity to attend the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention (I know for some of you, you may prefer a root canal instead…lol) But I am hoping to see some old friends from IL and maybe even meet some of my online friends at one of the lunches. Speaking of lunches, Dr. Gary Smalley (the Love Languages guy) is the guest speaker at the Minister’s Wives lunch this year and I am really looking forward to hearing him speak.

But sitting here measuring out Cheez-Its, Cheerios. M & M’s and other goodies for our trip gave my mind time to think (could be a dangerous thing, I know). We decided to buy larger packages of the stuff we like to snack on and make up snack bags instead of buying the snack bags. Although convenient, these items add up in cost quickly and we are trying very hard to watch every penny as we make this trip. While this will be like a vacation for me and the kids it is a working trip for Steve. So we are doing everything that we can to save so that when we do take are actual vacation in July we have money for that trip (Mickey Mouse we are coming to visit you).

But I was thinking about being good stewards of things, not just money, but time, talent, even the words that we say. I witnessed today someone not being a very good steward with the words coming out of her mouth. And the one being hurt by it was her child, not directly by the words because the lady was talking on her cell phone but indirectly because the child could hear what was being said. I know the child could hear because I could hear. It just made me sad because I happen to know the child personally and the child is so sweet and and is put between adults that sometimes don’t act the way they should.

Well we had friends over last night for kind of thrown together cookout. But sometimes those are the best fun aren’t they. Steve’s parents were here for a visit this week, cut short because Steve’s dad just was not feeling well (I pray you are feeling better soon!!) His dad bought us some really nice steaks and I had a whole bag of potatoes so as the kids and I were leaving play group I invited L and her clan(I say clan cuz she has 5 kiddos) over for a late dinner. We ate, the kids played. And the adults bowled a couple of games on the Wii before calling it a night. It was fun to have L & E over and all of their kids. And L if you read this Buddy was up at 6 am this morning asking if he could play the Wii. I did not think it was funny….


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