Report Cards

Published June 1, 2008 by Stacy

For the family members that do read my blog it occurred to me today that I never posted about the kids report cards and other end of the school year stuff. Buddy finally managed to get his talking under control and he got all S’s on his report card for the 4th quarter. His teacher said he is fully ready for first grade. And now that he has turned 6 he thinks he is ready. He asks me almost on a daily basis if he is a first grader now. It could prove to be a long summer…lol.

Bug had perfect attendance for fourth quarter and she made the A honor roll. She also had an A average for the entire school year. She is looking forward to being in the 4th grade. She says because that means she will only be in the same school with Buddy for one more year.

Bean had A’s, B’s and 2 C’s for fourth quarter. She learned a little lesson in cause and effect this last grading period that I think had opened her eyes. Overall for the school year though she had an A/B average. She is really looking forward to middle school. She has had the opportunity to attend a camp at the middle school this first week of summer vacation. This gives the incoming 5th graders the chance to learn their way around the building and to meet some of the teachers. And they get to make some friends along the way. She has gotten to go swimming 4 days this past week at the city pool. She is still trying to work her courage up to jump off the high dive. On Friday the whole group went to Fall Creek Falls for the day. They hiked up the the falls and across the swinging bridge. I am proud of her that she went across the bridge. She has a small fear of heights that she is trying to overcome. She will go a couple of days this week. But Steve’s parents are visiting so she will miss some. The part she is most looking forward to is the overnight on Thursday. All of the kids get to spend the night camping on the school grounds on Thursday night, having marshmallow fights, water balloon fights and other such fun. She will miss a little bit of the fun due to a softball game but she will get to go back and spend the night with her friends.

So summer vacation is well under way in our household. This is the first year for us that summer break started Memorial Day weekend. They go back to school Aug 8th. And between now and then almost every week is chock full of something. Busy, busy, busy!!!


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