Thinking before I speak

Published May 28, 2008 by Stacy

The other night I read on someone blog that Subway was having a writing contest for kids. But in the rules they specifically exclude home schools from being able to enter the contest. And this person being a homeschooling family was a little miffed at that. And at first when I read that person’s blog I was upset for all homeschoolers everywhere too. I thought how unfair for Subway to not include them in the contest. And then there was this whole line of thought that was going through my head about why this was unfair and so on.

Then I read this blog today. And she makes a very good point. The grand prize is $5000 for playground equipment for the school the winning child attends. And really I live in a rental house and even if I did homeschool my kids I would not have anywhere to put $5000 worth of playground equipment. So this is a very good example of making sure that I really think about something before I speak my mind.

There is a time to express your opinion on any issue. I just have to remind myself to think before I speak.


2 comments on “Thinking before I speak

  • Yes it is better to wait and become acquatined with the facts before speaking out, most of the time. I suppose they might have allowed home-schooled children to participate just for the experience of going in an essay competition, perhaps with the stipulation that if a home-schooler won they would have to nominate a local school to receive the prize or something like that. Probably too much extra rules and regulations to add on the competiton conditions, though.

  • I think that it was the fact that is was so obvious that they were only excluding homeschoolers that made so many so angry. It was discriminatory the way they stated it. A simple fix would have been instead of stating “No home schools allowed” (which is exactly how it was stated) would have been to reword it and say, “This competition is open to students enrolled in a public or private school.” I wasn’t up in arms over it or even going to boycott Subway over it. But then again, I don’t homeschool for most of the reasons that my peers do either.

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