One year ago

Published May 27, 2008 by Stacy

I was thinking about things yesterday and it hit me that one year ago Steve had just finished up his time leading worship at GHBC in IL. We had said our goodbyes to our friends at that church. The kids still had a week of school left. And we still had lots of packing left to do. We were surrounded by boxes, had our house on the market, trying to keep things neat and orderly for showings. And then in a moment of insanity I agreed to a sleepover. The last weekend in our house we had 11 2nd and 3rd grade girls over for one last sleepover while Buddy spent the night next door with his best friend.

I miss our old house and our friends in IL. But God moved us to TN for a reason. Some of those reasons are still unknown to me. But there are somethings that I have learned about myself in the past year that I think it took moving yet again for me to learn. One thing I have learned is how to make friends in unconventional ways. I have also learned how to be angry but not to sin in my anger (that was a huge lesson for me to learn). I have learn to love and appreciate my husband in a whole new way. I have also learned to laugh a lot more, hug my kids more. I have learned that my faith is very important to me and without it I would not be able to walk through some of the things that life throws at me. I have learned that I need to be more focused on loving those around me than trying to prove that I am right about something. I have learned that middle schoolers are really not that scary to be around and the middle schoolers I get to work with in the student choir are a pretty awesome group of kids (the two high schoolers in the choir are pretty awesome too!).

So one year ago I was ending one season of my life, the season of living in the Midwest, attending a great church, working at an awesome elementary school, being a homeowner and a full-time student. Today I am still at full-time student, living in the South, a stay-at-home mom, back to renting again and serving the Lord at another great church.

We all have seasons in our lives. What season are you in?


3 comments on “One year ago

  • I’m so glad God led you to TN. I’m in the “making my family my priority” season of my life!! Thanks for sharing the journey.

  • I think we all come to this point as sure as I believe there are many more of these “Scenic Views” along the courses of our lives….Just take time to look out the windows along the way…and enjoy the view.

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