My favorite color

Published May 21, 2008 by Stacy

My favorite color is purple. I love this color. Any shade of this color. Light, dark, medium. I don’t care, I really like the color purple. But not when it is on my body in the form of a bruise. About an hour before we had to leave for church tonight I dropped a mug on my foot. A very heavy stonewear mug, not some little dainty mug. And now my foot looks like this…

I managed to make it through the whole musical without passing out. Though at one point I did think me remaining in a vertical position was questionable. I think what kept my mind off the fact that my foot was throbbing was that my kids were sitting front and center right behind Steve during the performance. Buddy was not being the sweet little boy that he is for his Sunday School teachers. What he was doing I am not quite sure but he was not listening to his sisters. And me giving him the evil eye was not working either. The evil eye does not work on him for some reason. I was giving him the eye on Sunday morning to no avail. Thankfully tonight a friend of mine came over from her seat and sat behind the kids and he straightened up somewhat. The performance went well tonight. It is always so much fun to sing when my husband is directing the choir because after almost ten years of watching him direct I know what is going on in his head when he is directing and what is behind his facial expressions. Sometimes I wish the audience could see his facial expressions as he directs the choir during a musical because sometimes it can be quite entertaining.

So hopefully I will be able to sleep tonight. The throbbing has subsided a little but I can’t bend my toes. So I guess I will be calling the doctor in the morning.

Oh I almost forgot, Lift up a prayer for my grandfather. He had open heart surgery today. They repaired one of his valves and did a by-pass. He will be in ICU at least 3 days. Thanks.


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