Published May 18, 2008 by Stacy

So the girls and I got to experience Dollywood for the first time this week. We headed out early Thursday morning, stopping first at McDonald’s to get our free chicken biscuits. Then made the drive to Pigeon Forge. Now around here everyone has been talking about how bad Knoxville is with all the construction that they are doing on I-40. So I expected it to be slow going through there but I never even had to really slow down all than much and we made good time to the park.

So getting through Knoxville on the way to Dollywood was no big deal but coming home was another story. I knew the whole detour was coming up but traffic was heavy and I could not get over, no one would let me get over so that I could follow the detour. So I ended up heading into downtown. Now I have never been to downtown Knoxville except to drive through it on I-40. I figured that the construction did not have all the lanes of I-40 closed. Boy was I wrong!!! You get to a point and all of a sudden I-40 is gone! There is nothing but a big huge mess of dirt. You have to get off and drive around on the streets of downtown. So I decide to turn the navigator on on phone on and plug in Sonny’s BBQ as that is where we were headed for dinner. I figured the navigator would be able to get me there. WRONG! The first thing it tells me to do is to get back on I-40. Umm, problem, I-40 IS NOT THERE!!! So long story short I had to head back in the wrong direction in order to get going back in the right direction. 30 minutes later we finally arrived at Sonny’s for dinner. That was a treat since we usually only have that when we are in Orlando visiting our family.

We had a busy day at the ballpark today. All the kids did well. Buddy’s team did nit win but he got two hits today. Bug’s team won. And Bean’s team played 3 games and won all three. Bean got her first hit in a game today!! Steve has some video from one of Bean’s games on his blog if you want to see. Click My Life in the South over in the blogroll.
Busy day tomorrow. Graduate recognition is tomorrow and Steve will be included in that. And tomorrow night if you live in our area feel free to join us for Eyes of Faith. You will be blessed by the music and the message.


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