Mother’s Day continued

Published May 13, 2008 by Stacy

So I realized that I never updated my blog with what my dear children gave me for Mother’s Day. I awoke to see all three of my sweet babies (I know they aren’t babies anymore, don’t remind me…lol) standing by the bed, saying, “Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!!!” And they did this all on their own, with no reminders from anyone because by this time Steve was already at church. Then I was showered with hugs and kisses. Then Bug gave me the other things that she had made for me at school. Among them were a MOM key chain and two cards. But the masterpiece from her was a totebag that she decorated on her fieldtrip on Friday. On one side she stenciled HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY STACY 5-12-08 (Nevermind the date, everyday is Mother’s Day right? I am a mom everyday of the year right so the date doesn’t matter). And on the other side she drew a heart with a picture of me and her inside the heart. I put my Bible in the bag and very proudly carried it to church on Sunday. Buddy had for me a picture frame that had his silhouette inside. You can really tell that it is him. It is such a sweet gift. He also made some paper and tissue paper flowers. So my mother’s day was a nice day. We came home and had pizza for lunch, lovingly fixed and served by my hubby. Then I was able to get a quick nap before heading back to church for evening activities. I did call my step-mom and wish her a happy Mother’s Day. We didn’t get to talk to Steve’s mom as she is out on the ocean somewhere on a cruise. But she and Steve’s dad will be visiting us soon.

Buddy had a game tonight. Well the game did not actually count since only 8 kids from his team showed up. But if it had counted Buddy would have actually gotten a hit tonight. It was funny, he is so used to getting thrown out at first that when he got to first, he just headed on in to the dugout. His coach had to stop him and tell him that he was safe and to get ready to run. I tell you if you need to have a good laugh, find a ballpark and sit and watch a t-ball game. The little ones are funny.


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