Published May 12, 2008 by Stacy

Our cat, Crooks passed away sometime in the night last night. I am sad that she is gone. But I am happy that she went peacefully in her own way and that we did not have to put her to sleep.

I will miss Crooks. She was such an interesting cat, not like any cat I have ever known. We adopted her from a rescue shelter two years ago when we were living in Illinois. From the day we brought her home she would always sit in your lap or lay with you on the bed. She never knew a stranger. She did not care if you were visiting our house for the first time, when you sat down, Crooks would greet you and then jump up and either sit in your lap or on the sofa next to you. She was a very vocal cat. She would “talk” to me. The thing that was so funny about her was if she thought there was not enough food in her bowl she would let you know. At night she would lay on me and poke me in the face with her paw until I got up and put more food in bowl. (That is why she got banished from sleeping in our room…lol) This past year that I have been able to be home she would sit on my bed with me while worked on school stuff. If I slept in she would sleep with me.

This morning I slept in, recovering from a busy Sunday. And I missed my little kitty. I updated my twitter when I woke up that I missed my kitty already. And Steve sent me a text that said, “I love you! See, God knew what He was doing when He Allie together with us. He knew you’d need a new sleeping buddy.” My hubby is so sweet and that made me cry a little. I know we have some pictures of Crooks but I don’t have them on the laptop so I will have to go find them and I will post a picture of her later.

Now I am off to see what the puppy is getting into. She is intent on destroying shoes today. Have a blessed day!


One comment on “Bye

  • I’m so sorry your cat has passed away. I still remember when my first pet died, I think I cried for days. Well, at least the new puppy is keeping you busy!

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