Things heard tonight

Published May 9, 2008 by Stacy

The following are things i heard from the mouths of my children tonight as they played in the living room:

  • I see London, I see France
  • Let’s give him double noogies
  • arrrgggghhhhhh
  • stoooopppp iiiiiitttttt!!!!!
  • stop putting your foot in my face
  • let’s hug teddy (buddy was “teddy”)
  • moooooooom buddy drank all my water!!!!!
  • Oh, no you didn’t(said with a bunch of attitude)

Aren’t kids so much fun. It was fun to sit here in the kitchen and just listen to them as they were playing with each other. They actually played for more than five minutes without fighting which anymore seems amazing. I love my kids. I am blessed with three great kids.


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