Published May 3, 2008 by Stacy

That is how I feel when it is time to get the kids to clean up their rooms. The girls room is such a mess that yesterday we lost the puppy for about 15 minutes. Allie was nowhere to be found in the house. And she still does not know her name yet. I mean we have only had her a week so she is still learning. I was cleaning up the living room, you know moving the sofas and vacuuming under them and taking the cushions off the sofa to get up any of Angel’s fur that was still left from her shedding her winter coat. I had not seen the Allie for a while so I asked the kids where she was. They began to look for her. In every room of the house and could not find her. So we went outside, still no Allie. Just as I was starting to get worried Bug comes out of the house and says I found her. She was asleep under our bed, on top on a black trash bag so I couldn’t see her….UUUUGGHHH!!!! So the girls are now working on their room. And Buddy is supposed to be working on his room as well.

So we went to Wal-Mart to pick up some groceries and stuff today. I was finally able to get my medicine. Now mind you the doctor’s office never returned my call from Weds nor did the pharmacy call me to let me know my medicine was ready. I called the pharmacy this afternoon as we were waiting in line to get the kids from school. The man says yes your medicine is ready and it is $30. WOW!!! That is a huge difference from $381.42(the cash price). So I’m still miffed I wasted to gas driving out there on Weds but it was worth it to save that much money.

Bug’s team did not win their game last night but they played pretty well for their first game. I felt a little bad though. Before the game the coaches were not there so I was trying to get the girls warmed up. I threw the ball up in the air and a couple of the girls went after it. Well it bounced off one girls’ glove and hit another girl in the lip and gave her a bloody lip like 10 minutes before the game. The little girl was fine and went on to play a great game. Buddy was supposed to play  tonight but the game was canceled due to rain. So we have games tomorrow but only three, not six like last week. And none of the games are at the same time so Steve and I will get to see all of each game. We bought the girls a bat today so that we can do some batting practice here at home with them. Hopefully that will help them both. Bug came off the field last night saying that she has a blast. For that I am thankful.

Well I am watching the Braves game as I type and now I must get back to my studies. I have two more quizzes I must take and a couple of short papers to write. Have a blessed weekend.


2 comments on “ARGGGHHHH

  • wow, you all sound like busy people and big baseball fans.
    we like to go see the Cubs (minor league) play in Daytona. I’m learning to appreciate the sport cuz my hubby steve likes it so much.
    there’s a home game next Monday we’re going to for Steve’s birthday, if he’s up for it.
    ever thought of going to see the cubs play?

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