So pitiful

Published May 1, 2008 by Stacy

Yesterday Bean came home from school saying she didn’t feel all the great. So I told her to take some advil and rest. I ran the other two kids to their practices and got dinner at church. I brought Bean some food. And she seemed a little better before going to bed last night. But then at 5 am she came into my room and said, “I don’t feel goooooood.” In that pitiful little voice. I felt her head and she was burning up. So I sent her to get some water and more advil. The whole time she was doing this she was saying, “I have to be better. I don’t want to miss the field trip today…” The whole 4th grade was going to visit the homes of Cordell Hull and Alvin C. York as part of their study of TN history. At 7 am when it was time to be getting ready for school she was really trying hard to convince me that she was fine. She said, “But I want to see Cordell Hull’s Nobel Prize and have a picnic with my friends at Alvin C. York’s house.” She was just so pitiful. I completely understand that she did not want to miss out on this trip with her classmates. So I assured her that as a family we would go to both of those places soon. She is also missing a softball game tonight. But Bug has a make-up game from the game they missed on Tuesday.

Buddy had field day yesterday and got a third place ribbon in horseshoes. Bug had field day today but she said she did not win any of the games. Bean is supposed to have her field day tomorrow. I really hope she can go to school tomorrow.

I couldn’t believe that when I went to pick up some shorts for the girls today that they were already marked down. It is not even summer yet and the Hanes girls stuff was marked down. Mind you it was only 50 cents but when you buy 6 pairs of shorts and 6 shirts that adds up.

Well time to get ready to head to the ballpark.

Oh I forgot, I can’t believe that Jason is still on American Idol. While I am not all that surprised that Brooke went home last night, it still is hard for me to understand how Jason is still there to sing another week. I think he can sing but I don’t really care for his style and his hair gives me the creeps. So while I think that Archuletta is going to win, I will root for Syesha one more week.


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