Things that bug me

Published April 29, 2008 by Stacy
  • I have not quite gotten down the whole GMT thing so the dates/times that my posts show up are weird. I was on this 100 days of blogging quest and that did get interrupted by me having to NC for my step-grandfather’s funeral and having no internet access.  I did not post yesterday, well just because. But I was looking back over the last couple of posts and it looks like I posted yesterday but not on Saturday. So I think I have it figured out now. I have to post early in the day in order for it to show the correct day on it. This may not bug you but it does bug me.
  • I had to turn the heat back on last night. This is after going and buying two new fans for the house because it was so hot last week. We had frost on the ground this morning. And here it is almost noon and it is still pretty chilly outside.
  • Now that testing is over at school it seems that they are not doing anything but having fun. Not that you shouldn’t have fun at school but this is Bean’s schedule for this week, Today-going to cheer on the kids from their school that made it to the county wide track and field day. They are eating lunch there and will be staying until the ribbons are handed out. Thursday-Field trip to the home of Cordell Hull and Alvin C. York (now this does go along with their TN history), Friday-4th grade track and field day. So you can see not much classwork is being done.
  • Buddy does not go to school on Thursday due to Kindergarten registration for the incoming little ones. I have never heard of this but none the less Buddy will be home with me on Thursday.
  • It bugs me that I have gotten behind on my schoolwork and am still trying to catch up. I am in the home stretch, only 2 weeks of school left and then I have the summer off. So I am buckling down the rest of the week trying to get caught up.

So what bugs you? I would love to know. I find people so interesting and amazing. I have been reading some new blogs in the past couple of days and I am amazed at the human spirit.


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