A day at the ballpark

Published April 27, 2008 by Stacy

Today began the softball/t-ball season for our household. There were a total of six games to be played today. That’s 2 games for each kid. Bug and Buddy started off playing at the same time. So I stayed with Bug and Steve and Bean went to watch Buddy.

Buddy’s coaches have now taken to calling him “Hollywood” because of his sunglasses.

Bug was not very happy at the start of the second game. She did not get a hit the first game and came off the field crying to me that she was the worst softball player ever and that she did not want to play anymore. So I tried to give her a pep talk and then traded places with Steve. The second game she did get a hit and so life was good once again.

Bean did not get a hit today but she was a good sport about it.

This after she was done playing. She had fun really, she did.

Here is Steve right before Buddy’s coach said, “Hey can you come coach 3rd base?” So during Buddy’s second game Steve was the 3rd base coach.

Buddy hitting the ball. I don’t have a picture of him laying down on the field when it was his team’s turn to be on the field. Or one of him picking up dirt instead of paying attention to where the ball is. But he is 5 (well almost 6) so some goofing off is expected.

Me and two of my kiddos hanging out at the ballpark.

Here is the thing that I found kind of odd, they don’t keep score for any of the games. Not even in Bean’s age group, which is 11 and under. Now I know in recent years kids sports have gotten so over competitive and parents have gone way overboard and all but I thought it was kind of odd that even in Bean’s game they did not keep score. Now mind you the kids keep score. Bean said they won one game and lost one game today. Bug thinks they won both games that they played, but they don’t really even do balls and strikes. They get 7 pitches per at bat. If they don’t get on base then it is an out. In t-ball the whole team gets to bat and then they switch sides. They do this twice I think, it may have been three times. Even in Upward where it is all about good sportsmanship we keep score. So I just thought it was a little odd. Overall it was a good day at the ballpark. We return Tuesday for games under the lights for Bug and Buddy. Since we are having revival at church I will have to figure out a way to clone myself between now and then so I can be at two games at the same time. Oh well, such is life.

I pray you have a blessed day of worship.


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