I would like to introduce

Published April 25, 2008 by Stacy

our new puppy, Allie.

She is 7 weeks old and the latest addition to our family. So now if you are keeping count we have Angel and Allie, the puppies. Crooks and Billy, the kitties and Hannah the hamster. No we are not working on filling the ark. I think the house is now full. No more animals.

Tomorrow starts the softball/t-ball season. We will be at the park not the whole day since some of the games overlap. See Bug and Buddy play at 1, Bean and Bug play at 2. Then Bean has a game at 3. After that Buddy has his second game at 4. So for the first two hours Steve and I will be going back and forth between fields to watch two kids play at the same time. At least Steve won’t be missing Buddy’s first game. When I got the game schedule there were no games on his schedule for this Saturday. It showed his first game as being on Tues of next week. We are having Revival at church and so Steve will have to be there for that. So I was kind of bummed when I thought that Steve was going to miss Buddy’s first game.

So tomorrow’s post should hold some stories of how the day at the ballpark went.


3 comments on “I would like to introduce

  • What a cute puppy. Is it a lab? We are thinking of getting a lab pup for the children next year. I have just read your recent entries. The photos of your children playing ball are lovely. So nice they all enjoy the same sport. (Must make it easier than if they were all doing different ones.) I hope the revival at church goes really well.

  • The puppy is a lab mix. She is so sweet. The whole family is in love with her. Revival is going well so far. I will miss tonight as the kids have the first official games of the season. The games Saturday were just the opening but don’t count.

  • I’ve only just had a chance to revisit your blog. Sounds like you are very busy with all the children’s activities, and with trying to find the new puppy in a messy bedroom. I know all about messy bedrooms, and although we haven’t lost a pet in a messy bedroom we have certainly lost everything else such as homework, school shoes, even skateboards!

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