Published April 24, 2008 by Stacy
  • I am hot
  • American Idol was a shocker last night
  • Sure did not think Carly would be the one going home
  • PLEASE send Jason home next week
  • His hair creeps me out
  • Have you seen the price of eggs?
  • $2.99 for 18 eggs
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • And now there might be a rice shortage
  • What’s up with that?
  • It’s official, I can work as a sub at the school now
  • I am excited about that
  • Hopefully I will get at least a few days in before school is out for the summer
  • Did I mention I was hot?
  • The A/C is running but I can’t tell
  • We might get a puppy
  • Going to look tomorrow
  • Since the one we had ran away and we never found her
  • Bug went to the Science Museum today
  • She had a blast
  • I interviewed my aunt about being a teacher
  • It was for one of my classes
  • The hamster’s cage needs to be cleaned
  • I think I will go make a sandwich
  • It is Thursday, fend for yourself dinner night
  • Some ice cream would be delightful
  • Since it is so hot in here

See aren’t you glad you stopped by. Sorry I am not full of anything deep and profound today. It is too hot. I can’t think when I am hot.


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