What a day

Published April 23, 2008 by Stacy

I went to see the doctor today. I have this place on my hip that I thought was a bit of some kind and it turns out I was right. It is a spider bite. The doctor said it does not look like a brown recluse bite (thank the Lord for that). She said it was just probably a common house spider. So she did put me on antibiotics(a $4 drug at Walmart) just to make sure there is no infection. I have also been suffering with allergies since I was in NC for the funeral so she gave me some Nasacort nasal spray (not a cheap prescription). I also got a shot of steroids while I was in the office. Yes it hurt, no I did not cry. The doctor said the steroids should last about 6 weeks, long enough to get me through the worst of the blooming season here in TN.

I also had basket class this evening. I got almost finished with the second purse I am making. Soon the girls will have purses of their very own, made by mom.

Well I ended up being gone all day today so I did not get any school work done. So tomorrow will be spent getting caught up on all that I am behind on from being gone last week. Right now I am going to finish watching NCIS and probably go to bed. I am tired.


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