Picture Post

Published April 21, 2008 by Stacy

I have pictures for you today. As I drove to North Carolina on Thursday to be with my family lots of thoughts were going through my head. I was thinking about the many summers I had spent with my Granny and Jim (my grandfather that passed away) and the memories that we made as we spent time together. The route that my navigator took me had me wandering through the countryside of southern Virginia. And as I came around a curve I noticed a road sign that said Joppa Rd. I kind of laughed to myself and continued on. Just a little bit later this was the sight I was blessed to see…

Now when I got back in my van and continued down to the bottom of the mountain I no longer had cell service and therefore I no longer had my navigator. So I did not know which way to go. Do you know what the name of the mountain was? Ararat Mountain…yeah I am still laughing about that one(google Ararat if you don’t get the reference) I had to call my dear husband and have him look up where the heck I was so that continue on my way.

I am really glad to be home. I will have more to share about my trip later. Thanks again for all your prayers. It was so nice to know that people were praying.


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