Funny kid

Published April 16, 2008 by Stacy

So I know I cheated yesterday but I’m sorry I just didn’t have much in me to give. There still has not been much change in my grandfather. He is still in ICU and not much is different from the other day. So thank you for your prayers and we still need them. Another matter for prayer is my mom and brother. I am not going to go into all the details here but they have gotten into trouble with the law and are in jail. In my opinion, they broke the law and jail is where they need to be. We really don’t have much information about the whole situation, so we can pray. Pray that they are safe and that they are healthy during this time. And pray that they, along with their lawyers make the right choices.

OK enough about all of that. I have a picture for you. We have these bathtub crayons that someone, Grandma J I think, gave Buddy. So every once in a while someone in the family will write a message on the wall in the shower for someone else in the family to find. So as I was getting out of the shower yesterday I wrote, “I love you” on the wall intending for Steve to find it when he got in the shower this morning. Now I was not really thinking about the kids taking showers last night. (Yes, by the way we only have one shower in the house.) Well very early this morning Buddy comes in to tell me that he had an accident (very unusual for him) so that meant he needed a shower. Well I go in and this is what greeted me this morning….

I have a kid with a sense of humor. Imagine that. The next few years should be so much fun. I already live with a grown sarcastic man, what will my life be like with a preteen girl that now has found her funny bone. Oh Lord save me now…LOL.

We played catch with the kids after dinner yesterday. Buddy loses interest very quickly so the T-ball games should be interesting. I am not going to stay at practice today when I take him. I am going to walk around the ball park like I have been planning to do all along. After we played catch for awhile we went for a walk around our neighborhood. Have I ever mentioned that we are surrounded by beautiful hills? I am sure I have. They are beautiful to look at but not so much when you are walking up them. So that is why I really am going to walk today. I want to be able to walk the loop around our street and the one behind us with ease. It was a very nice walk last night. Even Angel, our dog went along with us. This is the first place that we have lived that we could go for a walk and she did not have to be on a leash. She will not run off. Not even when there are little yappy dogs trying to get her to come play with them. So all in all yesterday was a good day.

I pray you have a blessed day!!!


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