Day 8

Published April 8, 2008 by Stacy
  • Day 8
  • i have posted that many days in a row
  • wow
  • i have a migraine
  • that is why you are not getting much from me
  • my new obsession…
  • My Sims on the Wii
  • i get to build my own little town
  • and take care of all the people in the town
  • Bean and Bug have their own towns too
  • we are all having fun seeing who can move in more people the fastest
  • you get to build houses for your people
  • i stayed up way too late last night playing the game
  • the kids got their class pictures today
  • its kind of funny,
  • in all 3 pictures, each one of my kids are sitting in the front row
  • don’t know why its funny
  • but it is
  • going to lay down now
  • hope my head feels better soon
  • more tomorrow
  • smile, Jesus loves you!
  • Oh! This is important….
  • Please pray for the Smith family
  • They need the comfort of our God today.
  • You can read about their story if you wish
  • Click Bring the Rain over on my blogroll
  • Thanks

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